¡HICA! is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the social, civic and economic integration of Hispanic families and individuals in Alabama. Founded in 1999, ¡HICA! engages and empowers Alabama’s Hispanic community and its numerous cultures as an economic and civic integrator, social-resource connector, and statewide educator. ¡HICA! works towards its mission of social, civic, and economic integration through its four programs: Strong Families – Asset Building and Economic Development – Immigration and Access to Justice – Community Engagement and Education

The Crisis Center’s mission is to serve the unmet needs of people experiencing personal crisis or mental health issues and respond with services that promote coping, emotional health, and wellbeing. If you need someone to talk to, please call 205-323-7777 to speak with a Crisis Counselor. Facebook Messenger is not checked 24 hours. The best way to reach someone if you need help is to call 205-323-7777. The Crisis Center is a nonprofit organization.

Since 1903, the YWCA Central Alabama has strived to create a more caring community. For more than 100 years, the YW continues to plant the seeds of hope providing comfort where there is pain, love where there is loneliness, and a light where there is darkness. The YWCA serves as a place of refuge, responding to the needs of women and their families providing hope and opportunities in a warm, family-like environment.

The YWCA Central Alabama’s programs and services focus on three major areas: childcare, domestic violence services, and affordable housing. The YW also sponsors a Women’s Resource Center and a Chapel Gallery for Visual and Performing Arts in addition to programs and events that enhance the wellbeing of women and children in Central Alabama. Visit our website to learn more about the YW’s programs and services!

One Place is a safe place to come and ask questions about the criminal justice process, receive free and confidential counseling and/or advocacy services, and learn about additional resources. A person may speak to as many agency representatives as he or she chooses. A police report is not required or expected, unless you plan to pursue prosecution of perpetrator(s).

Trafficking Hope’s mission is to eradicate sex trafficking across the nation while helping empower local churches and organizations in their city and state. Driven as it is by both supply and demand, human trafficking has gradually acquired a combination of local and global characteristics, requiring a context-sensitive and multi-faceted response. Partnerships are critical as no one group can possibly combat it alone.

The Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission provides the only substantial financial compensation to victims for expenses for personal injuries including medical, funeral and counseling bills. This assistance lessens the financial burden on innocent victims of violent crime and serves as a vehicle of hope for the rights of crime victims.

The Amelia Center provides professional counseling for children (age 5 and above) and teens grieving the death of a parent, grandparent, sibling, close relative, or friend. We provide a safe place where they can find hope and creatively express feelings through art and play.

Counseling is also provided for parents grieving the death of a child of any age, ranging from pregnancy loss through adulthood. Support groups for children, teens, and parents are available as well.

Established in 1982, VOCAL. Victims Of Crime And Leniency is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of improving the quality of justice for victims of crime. The organization was established as a result of concerned citizens finding the realization of the criminal justice system vastly different than the justice system they perceived was established to protect them. In 1982 a group of citizens began to grass roots effort to organize victims of crime into an organization that could provide victim’s assistance.

Our mission is, always has been, and will be “promote the humane treatment of people and animals through education, advocacy and services”